Alex Simring’s Weight Loss Basic Facts

There are countless number of weight loss plans and have you ever considered that you spend more time learning and researching the various ways on how to lose weight, yet never actually stick to a plan? Alex Simring describes the main factors which are involved in working out how to lose weight. Remember, the most important factor in trying to lose weight is to stick to your plan!

Weight loss rules will come and go, states Simring, however the rule that all of weight loss boils down to is that you need to burn more calories than you consume! It really is just as simple as that, yet obviously the devil is in the detail. Most people have no idea about calories, and although Alex doesn’t think that calorie counting should form that basis of weight loss, it still is a good idea to have some knowledge of calories.

According to Alex Simring, “Counting calories is very old school”. About 10 years ago, calorie counting was very popular and seemed to form the basis for trying to work out how to lose weight. Although calorie counting is a crude way of calculating how to lose weight, it shouldn’t be completely discounted. “It’s like throwing the baby out with the bath water”, states Alex. It’s like saying to ignore what the scales say completely. Yes, measuring weight is a crude way of estimating body composition. Weight lost on the scales may not accurately reflect how much muscle of fat is being gained or lost, however it still has its place in helping to measure fat burning. If you’ve never done it before, spend at least some time working out how many calories are contained in the food you eat. Knowledge can’t hurt!

Just as being aware of how many calories are contained in food, it is also important to get a rough idea of how many calories can be burned during exercise. Of course it’s much more important to actually exercise than to obsess about what is the most effective way to burn calories or to count every single calorie burned. Nevertheless, understanding how much exercise it takes to burn the calories from a “Big Mac” will make you think twice about what you eat.

Not everything about dieting should revolve around weight loss. Alex Simring offers this piece of advice – think more about the nutritional content of food rather than how many calories it provides and you’re bound to have more success in living a healthier life. Becoming knowledgeable about food is the first important step in understanding how to eat to shed body fat permanently.

“The man reason people become overweight”, states Alex, ” is that they eat to much food”. All of weight loss dieting can be solved by following the ELF diet. The Eat Less Food diet is probably the single most effective way to lose weight and is a sustainable and healthy way to lose weight. The cornerstone of weight loss surgery is to make the stomach smaller – less food in = weight loss. The equivalent way to lose weight without surgery is to somehow “shrink your stomach”. This can be done my reducing portions size – simple as that. Try cutting the amount you eat for dinner by half. Yes, you will be hungry going to bed (so what!), and you may be hungry for the next few days, but guess what? Your stomach WILL SHRINK and you will stop feeling hungry.


According to Alex Simring, losing weight is 75% diet and 25% exercise. However, you can reverse those ratios when it comes to permanent weight loss. Another tip from author Alex Simring is to focus initial weight loss measures on reducing portion size, but then as a maintenance phase of weight loss is being approached to focus instead on exercise. Hormonal levels change during the period of weight loss, and eventually the body will revert back to previous weight levels in an effort to maintain homeostasis. Regular physical activity, however, will reset these levels and help to make permanent weight loss far more achievable.

Don’t become too comfortable in what you do to exercise. The body adapts very quickly to routine, and make sure that you keep on changing up the way you exercise. There would be nothing worse that going to the gym, hopping on the treadmill, set the speed at 10km/hr and run for 30 minutes… in day out, not only will this be extremely BORING, but what you get from each workout will diminish over time. So, make sure that you are mixing it up and continuously changing your workout regime.

Weight loss is not all about cardio and aerobic training. In fact another bit of advice that Alex Simring wants to share is that resistance and strength training are excellent ways to shed body fat long term. Building muscle may take hard work, but it’s one of the most rewarding ways to increase your body’s basal metabolic rate and turn it into a fat burning furnace!

There is no use in chopping and changing from one diet to another. Please, just choose one diet and stick to it. Don’t go back and forth, from one idea to another. Make sure that you consistently stick to your diet plan – 100% and no exceptions for at least 6 weeks. Give your body a change to make some long term adaptations.

Eat less food, move more and stay focused. It’s really as simple as that…. if only someone had told you earlier! Look around Alex Simring’s blog for more useful information on how to lose weight as well as other health and fitness tips, and don’t forget to leave a comment and some feedback. Remember, all information here is completely free and educational, so make the most of it and contribute. Also guest posts and contributions are most welcome!