Best Diets For Weight Loss

There are many diets meant for weight loss but some are more effective than others. Some diets are long-term while others are short term. However, the best diets for weight loss are the long term ones. Discussed here are different diets in order of their rating by some experts in weight loss.

Weight Watchers is the best because through it, the extra weight is lost and you are prevented from regaining it through the diet.  It is ideal be it the long-term or short-term ones. Unfortunately you cannot be assured that it will work for you.

Jenny Craig Diet is next among the best weight loss diets and is quite expensive. A prominent part of this diet is the counseling which offers emotional support. However, the experts wonder whether the dieters will be able to control their weight when they stop being provided with foods that are already packaged in certain portions.

Next is the Raw Food Diet which is ideal for the long term and short term basis. Raw food contains fewer calories. The diet is said not to be suitable for every one because it is labor intensive and restrictive.

Through Volumetric Diet, you will lose weight and be able to maintain it and is ideal for long term and short term achievement.  It is preferable compared to other diets because it depends on what satisfies you.

With slim-fast diet, you are expected to lose one or two pounds weekly. It is also ideal for losing weight on long term and short term basis and through it, the lost weight can be kept way too.

Vegan Diet is also among the best diets for weight loss and controlling it. However, the method requires commitment since you must keep animal products away which are a challenge.

Atkins Diet involves the extra weight being shed fast and is ideal for short term effect. However, according to some experts, on long term basis, the impression is not good.

Dash diet being among the best weight loss diets focuses on filling foods that are healthy and with low levels of calories. It is effective for weight loss on both long term and short term basis. Initially, it was not meant to be a diet for weight loss It was designed as a DASH (dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) by government.

There other diets whose details are available online such as Mayo Clinic Diet.


Best Exercises for Weight Loss

In addition to adapting to proper diet, exercising properly leads to weight loss. The best exercises for weight loss are those that you are capable of doing, according to experts. Cardiovascular exercises are significantly effective in eliminating the extra weight.

Step aerobics is best for quick weight loss and focuses on the buttocks, legs and hips. For women, step aerobics are ideal because it is in these areas that women tend to struggle to lose weight from. About 800 calories re burnt by exercising for an hour therefore if done daily, the outcome will be visible in two weeks.

Swimming is also among the best weight loss exercises. You will burn about 800 calories in an hour through performing some lengths up as well as down. Swimming is advantageous since the whole body is toned.

Exercise the body through cycling whether the cycle is outdoor or stationary. The level of the burnt calories is determined by the speed and resistance of the cycling. Whether the cycle is outdoor or stationary, downhill, uphill or on a plain road also matters.

Dancing is one of the exercises for weight loss although for many individuals, it is not an exercise. Dancing is very effective because it focuses on the whole body. In addition to losing the extra weight, it is also a wonderful stress reliever. Preserve at about an hour for dancing daily and up to 800 calories will be burnt.

Many people neglect it but walking is also an exercise and has great benefits. For those with cars, you can park it some distance away and walk to and after work from there. Through walking, the metabolic rate will be increased, and this is helpful in kick starting weight loss.


Racquetball is a cardio activity which is also among the best exercises for weight loss. The cardio workout involves running from side to side and this helps to tone the legs and thighs. The level of the burnt calories can be compared to that of step aerobics

In addition to weight loss, Elliptical Trainer is ideal for toning the stomach and in building strong muscles. The exercises are of different programs and the program you adopt will determine the level of calories to be burnt.

Especially or people who are medically unfit, it is wise to consult a doctor to help you identify best weight loss exercises that will be suitable for you. Do not commence with strenuous exercises without proper consultation as well.