Best Exercises for Weight Loss

Here are Simring’s tips on which are the best exercises to help lose weight. While trying to lose weight, most people focus on reducing calories, cutting down on fats and carbohydrates, and increasing protein and fiber intake. Of course, our food is quite important for the weight we are gaining or losing. So, it is … [Read more…]

Best Diets For Weight Loss

What are the Best Diets for Losing Weight? It is quite difficult to say which diet plan is good for losing weight. The opinions seem to vary among experts and the results also seem to vary from one person to the other. However, Alexander Simring seems to think that Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig diet, Raw … [Read more…]

Could the death star destroy a planet?

I read this interesting article recently in the Smithsonian Magazine blog, and would recommend that you have a look. The article looks at how 3 students published a study looking a whether the death star could destroy a planet and published their findings in their undergraduate astronomy and physics journal. I’m glad to see that … [Read more…]

Introduction to Health Guru Fitness Tips

Welcome to the Health Guru Blog Here you will find all sorts of great information on how to live a healthy and productive life! How to Improve Energy Levels Low energy levels are a plague of modern day living, with factors such as high stress levels, poor food choices, and an increasing sedentary lifestyle being … [Read more…]