Best Exercises for Weight Loss

Here are Simring’s tips on which are the best exercises to help lose weight. While trying to lose weight, most people focus on reducing calories, cutting down on fats and carbohydrates, and increasing protein and fiber intake. Of course, our food is quite important for the weight we are gaining or losing. So, it is necessary that we focus on what we eat and what we don’t eat. However, if we spend our time sitting on the couch, watching TV and eating nothing, it’s not going to help us lose weight permanently. We need to stay as active as possible and exercise regularly. While making regular visits to the gym is definitely going to help get rid of those excess pounds, we can also consider doing activities that are fun for us. For example, some people find that swimming is more fun and helps them manage their weight in a much better manner than visiting the gym. The idea is to look for an exercise which is fun for you and at the same time helps you lose weight.

The other question that is often asked, is whether some types of exercise are better for weight loss than others. There are numerous studies which show the weight based interval training is the most time efficient way to lose weight. This does not necessarily mean that it is the only way to lose weight, and in fact, just because a particular type of exercise is a more efficient way to lose weight, does not mean that it will be effective for you.

Long, slow runs where the target heart rate is kept within the 120-130 bpm zone (aerobic zone) used to be a popular recommendation for inducing the so called fat burning zone for exercise. The more intense bursts of activity utilises glycogen and sugar stores, and were thought not to be as helpful for burning fat stores. The body, however, works in a far more complex way than simply either using fat or sugar for burning fuel. After an intense exercise session where body glycogen stores are depleted, the basal metabolic rate for that individual will be elevated over the next 24 hours, and there will be a gradual depletion of fat stores as the body’s glycogen stores are regenerated.

Rather than focusing on trying to work out the “ideal” form of fat burning activity, Alex Simring recommends choosing activities based on personal aptitude – you are a lot more likely to burn calories if you are actually doing some form of regular exercise, rather than failing the “ideal” type of exercise because it didn’t suit you.

“To this end”, states Alex, “consider some kind of social sports events or doing something that you really enjoy”. Playing in the local mixed soccer competition or joining a walking group may be a lot more fun and something that is sustainable into the future.

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