Alex Simring

  Alex Simring Bio Alex Simring contributes to this website. Alex is passionate about all things related to living a healthy life. He has a special interest in nutrition and believes that healthy eating is the main way to prevent the onset of diseases. Alex has provided some great information about how to eat nutritious … [Read more…]


Hi, my name is Alex Simring and this is my personal health and fitness blog. I will try to keep the blog regularly updated so make sure to bookmark this site and come visit regularly. I love getting feedback, so feel free to email me at or leave a comment on one of my … [Read more…]

Juicing for Weight Loss

Find out Alex Simring’s tips on how juicing can help you lose weight. According to Alex Simring, juicing for weight loss is recommendable because of its benefit to your health and effectiveness. The drink is parked with vitamins, minerals and enzymes while the quantities of fats and calories are minimal. In addition to the amazing … [Read more…]